Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes

Hey there, all you rich white Republican men! Over here! Listen to me, I’m talking to you!

I’m choosing to think that you really believe you are coming from a noble position when you say some of the things you say about us women. I don’t want to believe you are as misogynistic as you come off. Maybe your heart is in the right place, but you just don’t seem to get it.

I am a female human being. I make up a tick over 50% of the population. I am not some delicate flower you need to protect from the big bad world. And you certainly don’t need to protect me from myself.

This may come as a surprise to you, what with your Bible learning and all, but I can balance a checkbook, drive a car, obtain a job, and mow a lawn.

Women, they’re just like the rest of us!

In fact, you may have missed it, but thanks to the recession women made up the MAJORITY of the work force for the first time. Women also obtain more college degrees than men, by a fairly good chunk.

The conclusion any reasonable person would draw is that women are in fact fully functional human beings, rather than toddlers who need constant supervision.

So why do you continually treat us like we are incapable of decision making and intelligent thought? Have you just not gotten over Eve eating that damn apple? Are you really so full of yourselves that you think women are nothing but temptresses bent on destroying you? Or creatures who need you to protect us from our inner evil?

Maybe it’s unsettling to you that world is changing and that the world has changed so fast lately. It’s okay to be afraid of change. It’s a normal human response. For the first time in history women are able to choose whether or not we want to reproduce. We can own property and vote and be treated as real live people. That’s huge and new and very different. But fear of change DOES NOT give you the right to take control and take that away.

In fact, I don’t give two farts about whether you think women should be able to make reproductive choices for themselves or be involved in combat. I do care when you use those thoughts as reasons to deny us those things.

As a man, you will NEVER understand the reproductive concerns women have. You will NEVER face the wide range of consequences that come with child bearing, whether they be physical, emotional, or the fact that simply being of the child bearing gender severely cuts into our earning potential.

Moreover, it is insulting and ridiculous to tell women that we can’t do something we are perfectly capable of doing just because we’re girls. It is insulting and ridiculous that in 2012 we are still beating the dead horse of Second-Wave Feminism.

So kindly remove your creed from my vagina. It doesn’t belong there.

And more importantly, I don’t want it there.


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