Let’s Talk About Rape, Baby

A candidate for federal office said something miseducated and ill informed Sunday morning. Another day, another dollar.

In a quest to stop the evils of abortion at all costs, we were informed that the female reproductive system protects itself against pregnancy by “legitimate rape”. Which is actually true. If we were worried about female ducks obtaining abortions following rape.

(I’m going to leave alone the term “legitimate rape”. This dude is a raging misogynist. Case in point: his vote for a law against spousal rape was only secured after he asserted that it would be used against men in divorce proceedings.)

This candidate’s statements are just another iteration of the widely held belief that No Means Yes, and that women who are raped were asking for it.

It’s infuriating that people still hold these points of view. It’s stupefying that they find nothing wrong with thinking that way. I was shaking with anger when I read the stories about his comments.

I’m happy to see the outrage amount writers and my friends on Facebook and Twitter. However, I’m dismayed that most of it is coming from women.

Although rape victims are overwhelmingly female, rape cannot just be seen as a women’s issue.

I hope these evil comments will begin to spark a conversation about rape. I hope they will be the beginning of purging myths about rape from our consciences. I hope we will stop saying “Don’t get raped” in place of “Don’t rape”.

We don’t know for sure how many rapes occur each year because most of them go unreported. We do know that only 13% of reported rapes result in prison time for the rapist. Rape is a crime in which the victim is punished and punished and punished. That punishment is psychological, physical, and financial.

But we continue to blame the victim.

I hope these hyperbolically idiotic comments will start to change that.

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