Bruises On The Fruit

The gun control debate is raging and raging. There’s no common ground, there’s no moderation, there’s nothing but extremes. The only thing there is is a belief that somehow we are all entitled to living a life free from danger. Whether that comes from eliminating guns altogether or arming every citizen with deadly force.

It’s an entitlement unique to the modern, first world countries. We are born with this expectation that life will be easy. And yet, that’s not the deal we made with our maker.

Modern life for us first worlders has smoothed over many rough edges. By and large, we never worry about acquiring food or obtaining shelter. We take for granted that a cold won’t kill us. We don’t live in fear of death lurking around everything corner. In contrast, our Manifest Destiny pioneer ancestors lived with death’s ever presence. They faced cholera, starvation, unhappy natives (and if you really want to get into the volatility of life, let’s look at the natives!), and hungry animals.

Violence reduction is a worthy goal. Making our lives safer deserves the time and effort. It’s amazing and unprecedented that we’ve created societies and lives that largely escape death’s watchful eye.

We make a huge mistake when we start to believe we are entitled to safety. Because safety is delicate and fragile, and ultimately not real. There are things we can’t control, no matter how much humans advance. Death-violent, random, and unfair-is a fact of nature.

And as we learned in Jurassic Park, nature always wins.


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