Belltown Pizza


This is the kind of place that makes me want to live in Belltown. We stopped in on our way to a rainy Saturday evening Sounders game. Enjoyed it immensely. If I lived in the neighborhood, this is exactly where’d I come to pass a rainy weekend afternoon. Have some pizza, have a drink, then wander home to nap.



The only downside was the bicycle decor, but I suppose that’s what you have to deal with if you want a laid back, non-dive here. The bikes were nicely balanced with pictures of famous people giving the finger. They had several large tvs for sports viewing, but they didn’t know it was a Sounders game day.


Pizza was excellent. The beer was cold. Nothing more you need. A fabulous touch was the water carafe and glasses already on the table when we got there. Great touch because I always feel bad about bother waiters for water. Pizza had a thinner crust, which makes me happy. Not so much a fan of doughy crusts, but it wasn’t so thin that it needed to be crisp to work either. It was a good compromise between regular and thin. The small Caesar Salad was big enough that I’d consider it a large!


Moscow Mules and their ilk with Ginger Beer are all the rage these days, so I appreciated their embrace of the trend.


I also appreciated the copper mugs. Very fun and excellent for keeping your beverages cold.


An Economist coaster. I could have hated this place and that would make me love it. As it is, that was just a delicious cherry on top.


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