All Pretty and Petite

It’s great that women’s rights have reached a point in this country that the Feminist Intelligentsia can obsess over tiny slights. I’m talking about the use of the word “bossy” and whether or not some celebrity or other identifies herself as a feminist.

(Of course, what they’re missing is that many people choose not to identify as feminists because of the way the Feminist Intelligentsia fixates on tiny slights).

This isn’t to say that they aren’t still gender inequalities, but gone are the days when we need big showy demonstrations and vitriolic admonitions to make progress. Time is taking care of the rest. Being at the head of the charge for change yields power that we’d probably do well to let go.

Much like race, there are still people out there who will express long bygone opinions of gender. It’s absolutely appropriate to get upset at them and admonish them, but we don’t need to act like the sky is falling down.

I think about this as I read the horrifying story of those young girls kidnapped in Nigeria, their families fearing that they were sold into slavery.

This is a thing that happens in the world.

Women are raped and forced to marry their rapists. They are sold into slavery. They are not allowed to be out in public alone. The list goes on and on and on.

American society can be awful to women and what it does to girls can be downright heartbreaking.  But we’re mistaking small things for big things. That’s not to say the small things aren’t important or deserving of attention, but they aren’t Big Things.

The outrage that’s directed at a celebrity who says she’s not a feminist, or who believes that feminism means women want to subjugate men, would be better directed elsewhere.

Of course, the treatment of women in the world isn’t a feminist issue. It’s a human rights issue. And if there’s no “Us vs. Them”, then what is there to drive up the page views?

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