Words of Love, Soft and Tender, Won’t Win a Girl’s Heart Anymore

You know when you’re watching a movie about a romantic conflict of some sort and you’re screaming at the characters, “Just say this! The whole problem will go away if you just say these words!”?

Real life feels like that sometimes, only you’re the character who doesn’t know what the words are. There are conversations you have, throwing words like darts only to watch the words helplessly bounce off the board.

The right thing to say must be so obvious to anyone watching this little romantic comedy!

All the relationship advice is to talk, talk, talk. It doesn’t seem to matter that when the words are wrong the talking doesn’t solve anything.

We talk too much. We probably talk our relationships to death.

I was thinking about this while watching the season finale of Nashville and screaming at the characters, “Say this! It’s what you feel, so just say it you silly goose!”, and I realized that it all comes down to honesty.

The words are hard to find because honesty is hard to express. To ourselves, to anyone else.

All the relationship advice is to talk, talk, talk because talking is easier than being honest.

Pure, terrifying, humbling honestly. That’s what the best relationships are made of.

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