He Rocks in the Tree Top All Day Long, Hoppin’ and a Boppin’ and Singing His Song

Don’t read the comments.

This is the best advice a person can give you about the internet.

Do not read the comments. Because you will always wish you hadn’t.

It’s great advice and I’ve been learning to follow it. Comments make me angry and sad and diminish my loosening grasp on the idea that humanity actually wants to be good.

(And while I agree President Obama isn’t what I desire in my Chief Executive, I don’t really see how he’s to blame for the cut to public transportation in Seattle. Oh, my bad, Internet Commentator, it’s ALL liberals. Wait, it’s the conservatives? Now, I’m confused.)

In part because of the endless, pointless internet babble I gave up Twitter for Lent. Since my return, I’m utterly bored by it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic outlet for narcissism (and you’re just not a good American without that), but nobody cares about your narcissism and you probably really don’t care about anyone else’s.

Unless, it bothers you for some reason.

Their grammar isn’t good. They Tweet about weird things. They commit Twitter Faux Pas, which you yourself have invented in your head and expect the entire world to adhere to.

So you do the thing that we do in this age of Internet Commentators and you call them out for it. It’s for their own good! You’re just trying to help!

Oddly enough, people aren’t responsive to your “constructive” criticism when you rant at them on the Internet!

Sometimes people do need to be corrected and need something about their behavior pointed out to them. But it’s almost never going to successful unless it’s a trusted friend in the right situation.

I’m not sure where the line is between just being a jerk on the internet and where it becomes cyber bullying.

Just realize, it’s not your job or my job to try to force people to behave the way we want them to. We’ll probably fail at changing their behavior. We may inflict unnecessary psychological damage upon them. We will, for sure, look like assholes.

Maybe the best internet advice is to just not make comments.

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