And After All, We’re Only Ordinary Men



I have a complicated relationship with patriotism, the military machine, and the United States and the way it behaves on a world stage (never mind the domestic). But I can’t discard the moments in history that are huge and meaningful, these moments in history that changed the world.

The landing at Normandy, D-Day, was 70 years ago today.

My Dad gave a beautiful eulogy at my Grandfather’s funeral. I only read it a couple years ago, finding it in his desk after his own death. He wrote that his Father didn’t change the world. His impact on the world was doing the ordinary things. Waking up in the morning, going to work, providing for his family. His impact on the world was doing the ordinary things that made their lives full and wonderful.

But, 70 years ago he was there.

This ordinary man was there for one of the most important moments of the 20th century.

He wasn’t an internationally acclaimed military leader. He wasn’t featured in newspapers or the movies with incredibly stories about his bravery. He was an ordinary man who was part of a moment in history.

The generals and the politicians didn’t make D-Day happen. History was changed by men like my Grandfather at Omaha beach on this day 70 years ago.

I’m incredibly proud of that.

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