Mother, Tell Your Children Not To Walk My Way

I wanted Ted to end up miserable and alone.

He’d become so insufferable to me the last few seasons and when it became clear the Mother wasn’t going to last, I hoped I’d get the ending I wanted. You can imagine my disappointment to helplessly watch as the show tried to demolish my dreams in the last minute.

It’s so funny how we all get so worked up about the series finales of tv shows, isn’t it? It’s just a tv show, we all know that. We know the characters aren’t real and we know that their lives aren’t real. But we care so much! It’s easy to look at a Facebook timeline and draw the conclusion that more people cared more intensely about the terrible How I Met Your Mother finale than they do about Russia invading Ukraine. (I don’t think that’s true. I hope that’s not true.)

I am livid about the ending of a show I adored (the last few seasons notwithstanding) and reacted far more emotionally than I did to Putin’s opportunistic invasion. I know that the show doesn’t matter and Ukraine absolutely does matter, so why don’t my emotions reflect that?

After having slept on the finale-and posting one or two angry ranting comments on Facebook-I’ve realized it’s the mark of a good show when the fan base hates the finale so vociferously.

We wouldn’t have watched for nine years if we didn’t love the characters. We wouldn’t have set aside the DVR space if we weren’t tickled by the humor. The promise of finally, finally, FINALLY meeting the mother wouldn’t have carried us through the pointless episodes near the end if the show hadn’t resonated with us..

We hate the finale for the same reason we loved the show. Because they became our friends and we desperately wanted a happy ending for our friends. However, a neat and tidy Everybody Lives Happily Ever After ending wouldn’t have fit either. There was no good ending because the characters and their lives became so real to us that the end of the show cannot possibly be the end of the story.

There’s no way Ted and Robin live happily ever after. The show was adamant that despite the attraction they had for each other, they just weren’t right.

Therefore, I’m interpreting the end of the show as a sign that Ted does end up alone and miserable. Just as I’d hoped.