When You Feel Just Like a Tourist In the City You Were Born In

Cantina de San Patricio


It’s an Irish-Mexican restaurant. Two of my favorite things! Add some Italian in there, and I’m in food/drink heaven! Near the Pike Place Market, hidden away in the Post Alley, this was a pre-concert discovery. An appealingly priced Happy Hour menu provided a dinner of chicken tacos and Kell’s Red Ale. The food was fantastic. They used a different type of seasoning. I’m not sure what it was, but it was equally surprising and delicious.

I did not order a beer with my smartphone, but I’m glad I have the option.


The inspiration for the restaurant was the Saint Patrick’s Battalion. They fought on the side of the Mexicans during the Mexican-American War. Yet another reason to love this place!



Belltown Pizza


This is the kind of place that makes me want to live in Belltown. We stopped in on our way to a rainy Saturday evening Sounders game. Enjoyed it immensely. If I lived in the neighborhood, this is exactly where’d I come to pass a rainy weekend afternoon. Have some pizza, have a drink, then wander home to nap.



The only downside was the bicycle decor, but I suppose that’s what you have to deal with if you want a laid back, non-dive here. The bikes were nicely balanced with pictures of famous people giving the finger. They had several large tvs for sports viewing, but they didn’t know it was a Sounders game day.


Pizza was excellent. The beer was cold. Nothing more you need. A fabulous touch was the water carafe and glasses already on the table when we got there. Great touch because I always feel bad about bother waiters for water. Pizza had a thinner crust, which makes me happy. Not so much a fan of doughy crusts, but it wasn’t so thin that it needed to be crisp to work either. It was a good compromise between regular and thin. The small Caesar Salad was big enough that I’d consider it a large!


Moscow Mules and their ilk with Ginger Beer are all the rage these days, so I appreciated their embrace of the trend.


I also appreciated the copper mugs. Very fun and excellent for keeping your beverages cold.


An Economist coaster. I could have hated this place and that would make me love it. As it is, that was just a delicious cherry on top.